You can call me Geo!


I am a freelance photographer and creative consultant currently based in Cologne, Germany from San Francisco, CA.

I enjoy photographing portraits, editorials, and commercial projects that convey concepts or stories. In my free time, I immerse myself in creating personal projects to keep my creativity fresh. I created a few fine art series like Body Distorted, Our Childhood Fears, The Bikes, and Inner Conversation.

I am also happy about consulting and rendering unique ideas for my clients' creative needs. I love to collaborate and to work with other designers and artists and creating something amazing.



“It was such a great experience for me and my team. We were all so grateful and felt honestly proud. You really made our day yesterday. And even I repeat myself, your professionalism in combination with your warmhearted way of acting, your energy and support is really awesome.

... My team enjoyed the time so much. They are so happy and full of energy since Friday... What a side effect!”

—Ina from Salinity GmbH 2019

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